Let’s do something good for ourselves

Thing about it. You are You. Do something that is good for You. Focus at one moment today, take deep breath, remember You are You, appreciate this, appreciate Yourself. For one moment today consciously be thankful for Yourself, for who You are, what You achieve, what You build and destroy, whatever comes to You that is You. For a moment feel the happiness because You are You, thats all You ever going to be. This is really exciting for me. I’m me. I appreciate myself as I writing this right now.For me it’s good to know that I’m me. Consciously realizing that simple fact I create a small change here and now, whenever I am, I am with myself that I love, because this is I. Let’s do this together, today, everyday, here and now, for a moment.
I thing we have to change ourselves to change the world. And if we are changing let’s change for good. Start with something very simple and make it part of Your everyday life. Thing about it. You are You. Appreciate this. Have a good day.